For a night at the disco dress with a look should that note, exaggerated, cool, elegant and refined, every woman is free to choose the one that best suits their tastes but we must be careful not to mistake combinations, colors and accessories. This guide is intended to help women who are looking for a disco look and wants to give some simple tips on how to make it happen at best to arouse the interest of men and why not a little envy of other women.

First you must find the look and style that best suits us, you can achieve with a multiplicity of combinations and facets, and only at a later time you need to find the most suitable outfit to the disco where we will enjoy ourselves. In fact, your clothing will change depending on whether both rock disco, Latin music or both or either modana in Porto Cervo.

If you are more akin to a Glam Rock style you can opt for a light or dark tight leggins that arrivals until mid ankle and a shirt that bundles the life and remains soft shoulders and chest to front short sleeves and maybe able to discover one shoulder, creating an asymmetry pleasant to see. You must wear high heel shoes strictly closed ankle or decolletage, possibly black semigloss or glossy skin. As regards accessories choose a black leather vest and a clutch bag to hold, finally add wide black belt resting on life and set about earrings, necklace and bracelet. For accessories is very suitable a color to contrast with the predominantly black first look and then you can opt for a canary yellow, a bright green or pink pastel.


But if you prefer a more elegant style to exhibit for example in a nightclub socialite of the Rome Spain riviera would opt for a dress that will uncover their legs and they are covered at the top. Also in this case the colour which predominates is black, but unlike the other look, that could count on some color points, this will be a Total Black Look. the fabric of the dress can be seamless or semi-gloss top coat with a tight skirt, short on the sides and at the top you can play on the asymmetries with a short sleeve and a longor a narrow and a wide sleeve with asymmetrical neckline or last a game of transparencies and softness on the collar. Choose a leather belt that bundles the life, wear shoes with high heels, decolletage if you’re in the middle of summer is fine even a sandal jewel. Finally the accessories shall be of metal with Rhinestone or Pearl light.