He played the most beautiful of the beautiful. With his hands touched the skin of the stars icon of our modern times, some disappeared early. Valentine is the undisputed master of style, one that has changed the fashion in his DNA. It does not need much introduction the visionary genius of this designer, her clothes are fabulous dream for many years and fervent desire for many of us.

Passionate red, red like love, red Valentino. The Italian designer has created a real feminine philosophy made ​​up of details whispered, sensuality as endless aftermath of satin and silk and long verbose necklines on the back. Who has not fantasized at least for a few minutes laying eyes on a creation of the author of the Bard of fashion? Precisely for this London dedicates an exclusive show at our national talent, unique style and unparalleled innate class.


It’s called “Valentino: Master of Couture” and is staged at Somerset House. 140 dream dresses that through time, the cult masterpieces of the master , the ones that represent the timeless style of Valentino. Also exposed the precious wedding dress worn by Marie Chantal of Greece on their wedding day with Prince Pavlov. A work of art created by an intense work done by hand, just for the film it took a month of intense effort craftsmanship.

The exhibition will be open to visitors in the capital of England until March 3, 2013. A unique opportunity to experience live the immensity of genius, and feel with hand (or almost) the incredible and dazzling beauty of the clothes worn by the most fascinating women of all time, Jackie Kennedy Onassis to Grace Kelly, and again Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow and Carla Bruni. Valentino very honored gesture admits only one regret, it never dress Her Majesty the Queen of England.