The combination of shirt and tie is not just a matter of personal taste, these being of formal clothing, their combination should also follow the rules of good dress and be appropriate for the occasion of use to which you are going.

Choosing the right tie shirt is vital to give a good first impression, and casts a greater or lesser formality depending on the look you’re wearing full. It is also true that the options for fabric, color and patterns are so numerous that men may find themselves in difficulty at the time of selection.

Find out now how to best match the tone of the tie to the shirt, creating contrast and playing with colors.


The first step is certainly the choice of the shirt, and from there you can start selecting the appropriate tie. In order to simplify the issue must have in the wardrobe of clothes that are easy to match, so it is essential to have at least one set of white shirts, light blue and / or pink shades that allow a wide range of combinations.

The ties are easier to match those of black, dark blue, burgundy or gray; much appreciated than silver or gold.

Match a patterned tie with a patterned shirt in the right way will make your style more refined and certainly customized. Take a look at the shop windows will give you ideas.

In the case of smooth shirt, you can opt for a tie opposite or complementary color; if thin lines, thick lines or smooth a tie. If the neck of the shirt is small, opt for a tie small and vice versa. Remember that the goal is a result of the more harmonious and proportionate.

Shirt and tie should have in common at least one basic color, but you do not need to match fantasies of the same type or the same size.

Indeed, mix with taste various patterns, with some large more discreet is ideal for a perfect style, it is possible, for example, using a large plaid shirt, with a tie not too colorful. Or, a striped shirt paired with a wide tie with small polka dots, or even a subtle striped shirt with a striped tie loose.