The body skirts are a garment reserved for only the skinny! catch up the idea that this, in particular in its bold version mini, both single preserve of size 38. This is the reason that drives many women to bandage and hide inside a pair of pants that can minimize all the flaws. In fact, a curvy, can get better with bare legs and vice versa. The purpose of my guide is, after having been convinced that is the case to be more daring, to tell you how to choose the right skirt , given the myriad of models that the market offers us every day.


We start from the observation of the flared skirt, whether it be soft or pleated, it has the great advantage of not emphasize too much the forms. Instead of compressing the gently caress. This model is great because it can mask the rounded hips and slim ankles. So throw behind the idea that more is better fitting and tighten the flab to contain it: absolutely wrong, it’s the exact opposite!

Then there is the long type, which although very convenient do not think that is an easy-to-head lead. If you are curvy, you have to first eitare light colors or printed patterns, both swell further. A perfect match would be to put it with a blouse from the line tightened and the foothills of the heels high enough . The effect will be to have all eyes on him for the charm of the skirt you wear.

Finally there is the mini-skirt, something only admired from afar for some and a must for others. These are definitely the leanest, with the beautiful straight legs and toned . in wearing an item of this magnitude must have a certain amount of self-criticism without the belief, however, that having curves generous is an insurmountable obstacle. On the contrary, if you choose dark colors the shape of the skirt will help hide the “culotte horse”. But remember that being quite sexy, if you have a slender little body for nothing , you rely on the combination with flat boots or sandals and opaque tights.

A knowledge of all the distinctions and the strengths and weaknesses of each, there is nothing left to go to a clothing store well stocked and look for the suitable model to you. If it’s the right one, you will look with different eyes and you will like, as well as those that you will see the wear.