Who doesn’t adore skinny jeans? Well, I think a bit all. Trousers by sinuous, narrow at the ankle, making your legs slender and tonic and giving that sexy and glamorous touch to which we women don’t want to give up. In addition, they adhere perfectly to our body (as if they were leggings) and, therefore, we give freedom of movement and comfort for the rest of the day. The combinations that I propose in this guide are mainly three.

The first one, is devoted to a look by day, being skinny jeans also very practical. I advise you to choose: a funny and colorful jeans to give a touch of panache to your day. Any type of chosen color will be fine, it’s electric blue, Fuchsia, yellow ocher or bottle Green doesn’t matter, as long as you play with the contrast of colors. Therefore, it is advisable to wear a t-shirt or a long-sleeved white shirt, plain or printed to avoid dressing up and dyed tint be compared more to a traffic light that not a juxtaposition of glamor colors. For shoes, you can choose the dancers (colored themselves) or sneakers super comfy and super read to feel more at ease. As bag is ideal for sports and large shoulder strap, which can hold everything you need.


Jeans, now you know, I’m a universal leader, then you can wear in the evening. In this regard, for an evening look, I recommend that you choose a neutral, classic jeans, maybe with some rhinestones applied and match it with a giant animal t-shirts (or whatever you like) that will gently caress your loins, maybe putting on a nail, skin, black. For the choice of shoes, I recommend a two-tone, black leather, plain or with studs, perhaps applied on high-heeled, to have slender legs or if you love the genre, you can opt for a shoe decolletage, but, necessarily, a heel of about 10 or 12 cm to give you that sexy touch and rock that will make you feel beautiful and confident about yourself. For the bag, it is OK to a black rectangular bag in leather, in such a way as to invoke the style of shoes and give you that chic and sophisticated allure for the whole evening.

Finally, to go to work, you have the choice of skinny jeans, black or dark blue, with clean lines and match them to a black blouse, red or as you like and wear comfortable shoes: for example the black boots. The stock market, better choose it so that black face pendant with shoes; to have a professional look, but at the same time sober and feminine.