Backstage at Antonio Marras is narrow and crowded and the atmosphere is quite stressed. Everyone sits and is pressed together and it incredible that up artists and hairdressers work in this way still do. Such a situation we had during the fashion week in Milan not found.

In the small corridor that the hair & make-up portion of the dressing separates, the designer Antonio Marras interviewed on the assembly line. On the basis of the “inspiration board” to the wall with a patchwork of images that his creations in any way influenced, he explains the theme of this summer collection (2013) from. The idea, says Marras with a lot of patience and a little visible emotion because of the strong demand of journalists who do cross-examination of corpses to make a ‘ borderline ‘girl, a kind of’ girl interrupted ‘which is divided between a traditional English wedding and a sad outside town around a metropolis .


Between the fashion editors we see Suzie Menkes with a vague face like she does not really understand what the interpreter of her Marras’ story brings. And so she makes with her ​​digital camera but some pictures of the ‘inspiration board’. Maybe tonight she manages to do things in a catalog them: In any case, Marras (that we have understood it) ‘split little person “on his catwalk want to drop and that comes in the make-up and hair forward, but in the creations forward: from the front the richly decorated clothing, from behind very simple.

About hair & makeup spoken: big names here walking around. From the legendary topologist Tom Pechaux to the international hair stylist Marco Iafrate. The same is true for the models. The feeling backstage was tense, as I said, and some PR people who usually have no noticeable by their kindness seem to be anything to do to their reputation today even more to confirm. But enjoy the pictures! That’s the point!