For any style that a woman feels to wear and for each combination that allows you to create there is always a white shirt . Each cabinet respecting it includes at least one. It ‘a kind of lifeline , goes well with many looks and adapts to different put both day and night. With this guide, you want to give some simple tips on how to match it to look better by creating appropriate and combinations that can meet the different tastes women. The guide is divided into day look, as an aperitif and evening.

You need:

* White shirt body
* White shirt long
* Pants off
* Tight jeans
* Leggings
* Thin walls
* In the chest wall soft
* Belt snug hips
* Shoe dancer
* High heel shoe cleavage
* Accessorize various and scarves
* Bag big day
* Small evening bag

For the day look variations are many. We present a business combination that could be adapted to a release in leisure time, changes depending on whether you look more or less elegant or simple, but with a sophisticated look. You can choose white shirt close to good workmanship, materials can be: soft satin, silk or simple cotton but best advice to a young woman. Fashion today still provides comfortable use of the model body to be used with a wide shiny pants gray and black ballerina shoe or a tight jeans and high-heeled shoe cleavage. With this began the final difference is made ​​by the accessories, with the pant combines a thin belt in black leather neck and a soft necklace long just below the chest. With the tight jeans rather a thicker wall and a necklace that can be seen from the neckline.


For the look as an aperitif or dinner from the restaurant, you can be more creative because you can opt for a sat like that day but it is important that you change the bag in the first case is an appropriate bag or shopping bag trunk large, this case instead must be smaller regardless of the model or type of handle. Instead to be more daring and have a look fashion instead of shirt body opt for a white cotton shirt not too long narrow to bring out of his pants. Depending on the length I choose to wear under jeans or leggings . In the case of jeans to match the wall is of a band just below the chest, in the case of the town leggings must wrap the sides.

For the evening look or disco we can use combinations aperitif embellishing the look with accessories and bright jewels and shoes with high heels. In the case of leggings you can choose embellished with sequins, as shown in the photo, with cleavage shoe high heel and platform or with a knee-high boot , depending on the season and what is more appropriate. Finally seem a touch naif wear a mini scarf coming out of the neck of the shirt .