Delicate colors act wonderfully feminine and fresh. Also in terms of make-up can be delicate colors complexion and eyes shine in no time. The best part: Bright shades forgive small cosmetic error and are therefore perfect for pleasurable Try it!

Fresh make-up to dusk

Soft colors such as lime green or apricot many women love these shades because they look gorgeous naturally and flatter every type. Added to this is: let us look Properly applied this delicate nuances of fresh and rested. And that makes the same a few years younger! We will show in the following pages how to use the soft colors properly, so they are for optical refreshers. With the step-by-step guide to implement at home is easy!


Dark circles and skin imperfections can affect the Tan pale and untested. Even if a sparkling smile can make the same amount of fine, with the right make-up is so much more.

Step 1: Lighten

Eye shadow with a light concealer conceal. This is a highly pigmented cream that was developed specifically for the eye area. Then, a primer in the natural skin tone coat with a sponge. Work it from top to bottom!


Step 2: gloss performance

Green and gold tones underline the warm tone of the brown eyes, and give wonderful depth. Outside on the eyelid and under the eye green and gold inward apply. Then draw a dark brown eyeliner.

Step 3: Fresh on the cheeks

The cheeks get with cream blush with pearly shimmer in a rose tone in an instant freshness. Wear it simply with your finger on the top of the cheeks and blur it to the temples (Dream Touch Blush). complexion scat tern then easily and lips with gloss in tender pastel emphasize – that underlines the tanned skin tone.

The freshener

These products provide fast freshness:

1. Provides wonderful lips gloss: Sensational Cream Gloss No. 105.
2. Covers dark circles: Fit me concealer.
3. Fixed and maintains particularly stubborn eyebrows : Eyebrow Style Fixing Wax, Douglas
4. Green and gold for brown eyes: Eye Shadow Duo Color.
5. Four different shades of brown for the Lips : Lip Gloss Palette in Chocolate.