When you have to pay some attention to the costs, or if you simply want to reuse some head put part , the imagination can suggest different solutions : one can often recover the clothing sewing them and putting them in the template, or turning them completely, maybe getting a skirt from a pair of jeans, creating a jacket with a jacket and much more. In the next few steps instead, you will see how to use a shirt that has been set aside your husband or from your boy : the can convert into a cool and practical outfit to wear to go to the beach and looking in the mirror, you will be surprised with the result. The sleeves and the collar is worn rather have? No problem if you have a bit of manual work with the sewing machine, and packaging network them scatter a skirt.

Take the shirt and wash it (no matter the size: all are fine). Check that all the buttons are firmly attached and, if you supply to fix them perfectly, then ironed his shirt. Now, as you can see from the example here on the side, fold the top back, wrap your bust and elaborateness jumping in front of the top buttons (it would be impossible to close with those at the top ).


Now place it well making it fall softly along the sides and the sleeves (which you will use as a belt), bandage your point-to-life , performing a beautiful knot that will also serve as a decorative motif. Fact: your dress is ready for the sea now! If you have seen cuffs and neck are faded and worn out while the rest is still not perfect, you will not have to throw the shirt too: you can get in a very simple way a light skirt to wear on hot days and in next step you will see how to do it.

Cut off the sleeves and collar. Take your measurements on the hips and waist, bringing them back on paper as a model; reportorial and cut them out (on the reverse) on the shirt, then sew the sides and put up a tape high at least three centimeters, sewing it internally machine: it serves to reinforce the part that acts as a belt. The part with the buttons will be the front of your skirt and if you do not want to shorten it, you do not even have the edge because it exists Already one.