To avoid idleness and the corollary issues that goes with it, many people operate. These are numerous and depend on the skills of each individual’s salary would be, and several other parameters. Employment actually serves to distance us vice, boredom and need. It also solves the difficulties of living as food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Professional activities are manifold and affect many aspects of life. Regarding the care of individuals, was spent as a doctor, for the manufacture of furniture and buildings, we have the engineering profession, mason, contractor. Also for beauty care of the body, are beauticians. The body is actually a very large temple consists of many small parts that need to be embellished. Given this diversity, beauticians were divided into specialties. It is therefore certain that deal only skin care, other care of the face, hands, feet, and other hair. Regarding hair care, the persons entitled to them are called barbers or hairdressers then. They exercise their profession in developed sites, suitable premises, usually called hair salon.


A hairdresser is built and equipped a special way place to make hair care. In effect to give the full hair shine, vitality, health and beauty, take care of it, that is to say the treatment. To do this, many methods can be used. The treatment of the hair depends on several parameters. We must first identify the type of hair, and then identify what the problem is known as the hair, then find appropriate solutions to the situation. A hair salon is not only caters hair care, but its main function is to style. Indeed, the cap is considered an art, because it is the result of an artistic work. The barber or hairdresser must show great presence of mind and also the imagination, creativity and above competence. It must demonstrate certain qualities such as manual dexterity, as most of the work is done by hand, it must also demonstrate mastery of hair types and any application that can be made are based on these types.

Boaters made ​​in a salon are diverse. They are generally based on the choice of the person to style. Indeed, this is precisely what each individual model boater he would like. Achieving some caps is a function of the nature of hair. Those smooth hair naturally take certain qualities cap without any problems. For other people, you really need a help with products such as type of cap or else can stand on their head. Experts are still efforts to adapt the model to cover hair type. The variety of caps is also depending on the circumstances. For a school year, pupils and students are responsible caps to visit their establishments. Musicians artists especially have their specific way of caring for their hair. Indeed, the caps made ​​for large receptions for example, are different from those of a simple appointment. Salons engage in activities that provide them with income. Their remuneration is determined according to the customer. Customer is received by staff. This can be relatively many of the establishment. For sufficiently large institutions, the staff is much more likely than small spaces.