There are many types of fake eyelashes. Most women use fake eyelashes to enhance their beauty. Not all eyelashes are ideal for enhancing an individual’s beauty. There are some tricks though to make the false lashes work for you. You need to look natural with the fake eyelashes.

Follow the beauty tricks below to get extra ordinary natural beauty with fake eyelashes.

  • Do Not Touch Too Frequently

People using the fake eyelashes tend to keep touching them to ensure that they are in place. If you keep touching them, they might fall off. You need to fix them and then remain clam with the lashes in place. Avoid touching them since they might get detached.

Eye Lashes

Makeup Application

Follow the steps for makeup, otherwise your look will seem weird. It is necessary to finish all of the makeup tasks before attaching the lashes. If the false lashes are fixed first, it would difficult to proceed on with makeup after that. So it would be wise to apply makeup before fixing the lashes. Consider other Options

Eyelashes come in different sizes and shapes. There are natural lashes, long, full, short lashes. Chose the lashes according to your eyes type and face shape. Your final look depends on your lash choice.However the attaching procedure is the same for all.

  • Reusing the lashes

False eye lashes can be reused. Ensure you handle them with care to reuse them at a later date. Apply the glue properly to avoid damaging them. If you use mascara on the lashes, just use good quality makeup remover to clean the lashes gently. It would keep your lashes clean for next use.

  • Waterproof Misunderstanding

Fake eyelashes are not waterproof. Do not expose them to water. Avoid swimming while wearing the fake eyelashes. Doing so will only damage the lashes as well as your entire makeup.

Fake Eyelash Extension and Eyelashes are different.

Eyelashes and eyelashes extensions are two different products. You attach fake eyelashes at home but can only get eyelashes extensions from a qualified professional. Eyelashes are only worn temporarily and then removed after a short time typically just a few hours. Eye lashes extensions, however, can stay for months until a professional removes them.

Lash Cutting

Fake eyelashes are eyes specific. You need to trim your fake eyelashes to fit in with the shape and size of your eyes. Ensure that they fit properly in your eyes and that they appear as natural as possible. Proper handling of the lashes allows you to reuse them several times.

C-Shape Technique

Before attaching, bend the fake lash inward like a “C”. It will make your lash soft and make it easy to attach. It will also give you a natural look as the straight eye lashes seem artificial.

  • Use Eye Shadows and Liquid Eyeliners

The glue used for eye lash attaching may be visible after attaching the lash.Do not panic as there is no need to refit the lash. You can simply use liquid black eye liners or eye shadow to hide the lash’s root. It will help you hide any type of glue easily without reattaching the lash.

These are the simple tricks to follow when using fake eyelashes. Please note that you should use products that are not allergic to you to protect your eyes

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Ahmed Khan is an Australian immigrant and a blogger. He is a fanatic for makeup tips. In this article he has provided the tips for fake eyelashes. He found several significant source of best false eyelashes on his research.