So many fashion lovers are wondering how to fold your clothes to maximize space , especially at this time when a little all take care of the change of the cabinets and as always stick out so many heads that we wanted to keep better. We offer our advice on how to fold your clothes in the closets, in drawers and in view of travel and holidays, as well as make the most of the space in the suitcases, which in some cases is really a business, is not it?

You know, all women really passionate about fashion dream of a walk-in wardrobe in which to keep in plain sight all the leaders of the new collections just bought, on the model of the cabin dream that Mr Big gave Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City after the wedding, for instance. Whether you are lovers of low cost always up-such as Zara, or the products made ​​by the designer house of high fashion, the problem remains the same. How do you keep everything in its place? How to fold clothes in a functional manner? The solution is a rectangle!


For sleeveless tops and t-shirts, fold the sides in order to get a rectangle which you can then fold up vertically to get a package easy to store. You can fall back once the part with the neck, fold on itself the opposite a couple of times and finally fit it in the neck, thus economizing space to the maximum.

Same goes for the leggings: go folded in half with the horse needs to be done back in order to get a rectangle which will be easier to fold in on itself, so you get a small square that takes up so little space. For hoodies before the sleeves folded to the inside, you get the magical elongated rectangle, fold it toward the cap and place the cap in the same bundle. These bundles can be put to one side in the suitcases and especially in the side pockets, leaving plenty of free space.

A similar argument also applies to the briefs, the briefs, the costumes and men’s boxers, always remembering not to force the rubber bands so as not to deform them. The socks are overlapped, folded in on themselves and then made ​​in the elastic return of one of the models. This way you can maximize the space in the drawers, but remember that this is a subject not apply to items that will serve nicely folded and wrinkle free, in that case cheers portable cabins to hang in your car!