I’ve always felt that everything in life is just like math. There is a formula and a pattern to everything and the way to get through life is to recognize which patterns work for your lifestyle. I feel the same thing applies to fashion. Today, we will focus briefly on a winter coat for your body shape.

While choosing a winter coat is far from solving a scientific equation, the process can still be just as confusing if you don’t know the proper formula.

  • Step one: figure out your body shape.
  • Step two: learn what variables (styles&fashion tips) bring out the best in your body shape and emphasize your assets to full potential.
  • Step three: add steps one and two to get the formula for choosing a perfect winter coat.
winter coat

Winter Coat for Apple Shape

Because your shoulders tend to be broader then your hip measurements, the goal is to find a coat that will help to balance out your figure, making your top appear narrower and hips wider.

Any coat with vertical lines or stitching makes the torso look slimmer and helps to create an illusion of an hourglass figure. Go for a coat that is fitted or is belted to emphasize your waist.

Apple shapes tend to have a larger bust, so you want to stay away from double-breasted styles. Coats that have a deep V-neck line tend to draw attention towards your top and away from the midsection, which tends to be the roundest part.

Avoid coats with shoulder pads, pleads or any extra material on the shoulder and tummy section, this will make your top look wider and heavier. Do go for a fitted coat that flares out at the hips to help create a figure and balance out the hip and shoulder ratio.

Remember the trick is to make your torso appear narrower then it is, so any fancy designs or extra materials on the top area is a no go.

Winter Coat for Pear Shape

The goal with this shape is to bring the attention away from the wider hips and towards the top section. Pear shapes tend to have a narrow torso, double-breasted jackets work very well with and this shape.

This style brings attention up towards torso and chest area and helps to balance out the hip and shoulder ratio. I feel that a fitted coat that flares are very flattering for this shape because it does not cling to the hip area.

Big collars also help to make the top appear wider and draw attention towards the face. Waist-length or ¾ words are best for this shape. As long as the hem does not fall at the widest point of the hips. Shoulder detail and patterns on breast area are all welcomed. Coats with wide lapels are flattering for this shape.

Winter Coat for Hourglass Shape

For this shape the goal is to emphasize the waist and curves. Because this shape is balanced between the hip and shoulder ratio, virtually any coat will work.

Although I would suggest fitted coats that are cinched the waist will do your shape the justice it deserves. It will be a shame to cover up your coveted hourglass shape with a formless and slouchy coat.

For smaller busted women, a button-under-the- bust coat with really emphasize your figure. Lengthwise, crop and long coats work for this shape.

As with other shapes, if you tend to be extra curvy, go for coats that are flared at the bottom to avoid clinging in the hip area. If you are a plus size, stay away from double-breasted coats.

Winter Coat for Rectangle Shape

With this boyish shape, the goal is to help define the waist to give more of an hourglass shape. This shape allows for many different styles of coats. Contoured stitching that curves in at the waist helps to define the waist.

Any coat that is cinched at the waist with a belt is a flattering style for this shape. If there is shoulder detail, make sure the coat flares at the bottom to help balance out your body. Stay away from boxy styles, like Chanel, this will only make you look boxier.

If you are a plus size, stay away from double-breasted coats. Colors and patterns are welcome, just keep in mind that if you’re on the heavier side, this will draw attention and make you look bigger.

Tips on Winter Coat for All Shapes:

  • The hem of a coat should never fall at the widest point of your hips.
  • V-neck lines make you look taller
  • If you’re petite, long coats will make you look smaller and shorter, go coats that fall just above your hips. And wear heels!
  • Choose a size that truly fits your body to avoid looking like your bust is about to pop off all the buttons and come out for air.
  • If you are plus size, stay away from double-breasted coats.

-Thanks a lot for reading our article – A Winter Coat for Your Body Shape. Hopefully, you read and enjoy it. Best of luck!