Of course a complete outfit also includes getting a matching jacket, or a matching jacket. Whether in summer or winter coats can simply be worn and can be combined with everything. They not only protect from wind and cold, they also bring to bear the personal style and complete an outfit.

Coats for different occasions

Coats are available in an infinite number of different shapes, types, styles and colors of course. From military style over the light summer jacket with a fur coat up, everything is represented. There are also different mantle models for different occasions. For leisure outings in summer best a slight trench coat. If it is too warm you can also just put it loosely over the arm. Jackets are also something that should not be missed in the summer. In spring and autumn, especially transitional coats made from materials like cotton or stretch are recommended. They keep the body warm and look great still pending.


In the winter, may be resorted to thick coats then quietly once. In real fur, you should always avoid because of animal welfare, but there are also beautiful wrong fur, for example for those who do not want to completely give it up. Also outdoor jackets are more popular, they are made of functional materials and guarantee warmth to the wearer. Men who wear a suit at work in the winter of course need an additional jacket to jacket. This may be something like this and longer trench coats are also very popular.

Trends in coats in summer 2012

In summer 2012, a jacket must not be missed. Short coats of leather or slightly longer blazer in pastel colors have also into the wardrobe, like a bright trench coat. This summer are generally loud colors or, for the not so brave among us, pastel tones absolutely trend. They can be easily ordered from the Esprit store or even online. Delivery is then up to the own front door and you can then test the same and also perform his new coat.