Are you among those convinced that the braids do part of the past and are a hairstyle just for the girls or for grandmothers to the twisted circle? You will have to think again. The braids are back in fashion, so much so that many Hollywood stars love show off on various red carpet, and we do not give up even if the hair is not long. Then we discover together how to make a braid with short hair.

It may seem impossible but it is not. Twist the hair even if they are short you can, with little tricks and with the help of pegs flat, a few hairpins and, if necessary, a chignon hairpiece. For fixing just a splash of lacquer and a foam seal soft. The locks are always divided into 3 clumps or maximum rolled up on themselves.

If your hair is very short the only part that is able to weave the bangs. You must always start hanging from to take more hair as possible. If they are very short first moisten agrees with the foam so that it does not “escaping”. The braid fringe power to achieve this in various ways. You can start it from the side to get a chic and secure with a clothespin flat gem. Or you can start it from the center and close it with a small rubber band that is confused with the color of the hair, to uncover her face and highlight the eyes.

Katie Holmes seen on the streets of Manhattan on August 5, 2008

If the clump is at least 10 cm long. You can also venture pigtails before making a line in the middle to get them up behind the ears and Fernando with hairpins. For those who have their hair bobbed , or at least with a minimum length of more or less homogeneous, it can also try to make a small bun at the nape. Two intertwined strands and roll them on their own, Stop them with hairpins and you can also simulate a shorter cut. This kind of hairstyle is better suited to counter the heat in summer and for a casual look. The braids with bobbed hair can also be made ​​in sequence with a “ripple effect” slightly raised above the scalp .