Opened in 2006, the M3-fashion school in Hanover is in 3.5 years from fashion designers. But the whole thing does not come cheap.

You have risen with their ideas and fashions at the most sought fashion designers. It gives her fashion throughout the world to buy. many talents dream come exactly where the three are already standing. They want to turn their creative ideas into clothing and design collections, which showcase the top models in the world then the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London or New York. But how do you become a fashion designer?

Training opportunity: The M3 people making fashion in Hanover

One option is a visit to a fashion school, like the M3 People Make Fashion School in Hanover. Where interested parties can learn in a seven course exactly the tools that need the top designers of tomorrow. The school opened in 2006 and is member of the German association of designers and the Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers.

Content of training: In addition to tailoring it’s also about Commercial

Overall, students have the opportunity to reach during the 3.5-year visit to the M3-school four different accounts, and the only one in training. You make a trade test for custom tailors, fashion designers and to a degree qualifying certificates in the areas of “Apparel Industry Technology” and “digital media”. Topics covered during the training in addition to the technical skills are of tailoring, which are essential, for example, commercial content and presentation techniques. More detailed information about other educational content available on the website of the M3-fashion school.


Entry requirements: A personal interview decides

Even with a College student you have to be deprived of the opportunity of the M3-school. On the admission decision is made after a personal interview. You should apply. With a motivation letter, CV, photograph and copies of certificates For an interview, you should also keep ready a portfolio with you create artistic works, so the selection panel can get an idea of ​​your talent. New classes start on 1 September every year in training. Applications for the WS 10/11 to be taken even against.

Cost of training: Not cheap

Overall, the 3.5-year training costs 17,850 euros. You can choose whether you want to pay the money monthly, semi-annually or annually. There is an additional registration fee of 30 Euro, as well as material and testing costs. As training aid can be requested state aid for education, because the M3 fashion school is accredited by the Vocational Training Act. A tip: Students must after training can not be recovered.