All the girls sooner or later their dream wedding dresses. Maybe for you this day is close, but do not know where to start to make up your mind to choose the wedding dress that enhances you to the fullest. This guide will give you some advice.

First, do not dream of fasting diets or unnecessary, and avoid binges that will only make you gain extra pounds hated. Put yourself in his underwear in front of a mirror and your physical well analyzed, not to criticize you forever, but because you have to understand that kind of figure you have. This will help you clarify your ideas for the choice of a model of wedding dress. Maybe you do not know , but each model has precise characteristics.

For example, if you want to hide the extra pounds and you’re not very tall, a dress in empire style can gotta be good, If you have everything in the right place, then you can afford a slip dress style or style or even mermaid princess type (if you’re not too low). If you are the typical girl Mediterranean could well layers pretending a dress.


The truth is that you get in many shops and many models to try to understand what will be the right one for you If you are lucky enough to know a seamstress and make you want to get a tailor-made suit and then like you want, then do the same the tour the shops and take it with you, passing it off as your aunt together you can see the features that you like any dress that you try, so that she can make an idea and draw your dress, which in this case will be unique!

As for the color, there are no rules to follow, because now the clothes are all the colors! You can choose your favorite color, or stay on the classic, ie white. If you want to be sober but white just do not like to wear it, maybe choose a type color cream ivory or even better (it is a white, slightly “dirty”) but if you have pale skin you have to get at least a couple of lamps, because it will stand out the Your whiteness.