When, in the morning or in the evening we get ready to go out, we wear a certain number of animals, which can range from three or four of ‘summer five or six of’ winter. This is because the summer temperature, allows us to get dressed with a few leaders, such as T-shirt and skirt or blouse with trousers, while in winter, with colder weather, we are also forced to think about the coat, gloves and hat to the inevitable scarf. In both seasons, these leaders, we need to add accessories such as necklaces, earrings, belts etc. So it is pretty easy to avoid an error, between different combinations. People, who know many leaders assembled, decorated, are very few and have definitely special skills, or spend much of their time to study and create combinations of various garments and accessories. In addition, these people have a strong personality, so do not fear criticism or comments about unpleasant. Now let us see what are the best combinations we can dare, if we decide to wear a skirt with floral print, so fashionable for the summer season .

floral skirt

Perhaps the combination of a floral skirt with a blouse voila semi-transparent solid, taking over one of the colors of the imagination, may seem a bit ‘obvious, but it seems to me that denotes a certain touch of class and finesse, that It can be raised at any time of day. If the skirt is short, as the photo, and we have beautiful, long legs, wear sandals. We complete our look, with the delicate and simple earrings with pearls, real or costume jewelry.

In hot weather, or even in the spring, we can match a pretty floral skirt length below the knee, with a delicate top solid, choosing from one of the colors present in the flowers of our skirt. We complete with high-heeled sandals. If you own a skirt in black-white floral pattern, we can match up with a simple and fine blouse in voile, with three-quarter sleeves, white or black. We complete our clothing with shoes, ballerina type, the same color of the blouse. Let us revive all with accessories such as: bracelet, earrings and necklace, color bright turquoise.