The key to a durable painted lips is preparation. The lips need to stay soft. Drink good quantities of water and use lip balm, especially if you live in dry or windy environments. If your lips are scaled exfoliate with a soft cloth every day in the shower to remove dead cells and renew the surface. If your lipstick goes down easily, apply a thin coat of fixative before applying lipstick or gloss. Lets talk about how to apply lipstick according to skin tone.

how to apply lipstick

Lip colors are generally categorized as matt or glossy cream. Mate provides true color but does not shine. Usually it is less wetting than the other formulas and can dry out the lips. If you would like matte lipstick, look for those labeled as wetting.

The cream lipstick shades provide will be kept moist on the lips if they applied previously powders or fasteners. This formula is perfect for mature women or for women who have dry lips. Glare contain specks of color that reflect light. They are ideal for evening events for its elegance. Women with dry lips should pay attention to the formulas labeled “24 hours,” “all day”, etc. These products tend to be very waxy and dry.

Outline the lips

After preparing the lips with powder, binder or a base layer, delineates with a liner lipstick color close to the natural tone of the same. Avoid very dark colors delineate. Take your time and draw as close as possible to the natural lip line. To make the color last longer, you can apply the eyeliner on the lips as a base layer.

Lip brush

Although definitely take longer, it is better to apply the color with a lip brush for more precision. Take your time and be sure to cover your lips completely.


Add a touch of gloss over lipstick. Apply only on the center of the lower lip, and then distribute joining lips. If you do not like much lipstick applied anyway you can only apply the gloss.

The lip glosses come in many different forms, such as tubes, creams, etc. The brightness not only shines but also adds some color. There are also flavors shine. Avoid applying too bright because they tend to become sticky.

Glamorous pink lips

When looking lipstick or glitter, pink or plum tones are always good choices. Red is another color that never fails to be popular. Avoid brick red or orange tones that tend to see the yellow teeth.

Can you ever have wondered why a lipstick does not look as good on you as seen in the photo of the product. It’s not the color of the product look bad on the lips (if the problem color you or nobody would buy the product!) but the lipstick have a base or true color that sometimes the color is most notably I offered. Make a test with a lipstick to prove (the photographers require this type of testing all the time before starting sessions with models): apply it on paper and look carefully: there is an additional color. It is much easier to notice it on a white paper on the skin, so it is good idea to test. For example, take a lipstick brown tone.