Did you know that a bra , the friend-enemy par excellence of women, may also not be worn? If you are tired of the tortures of straps, underwire, cups and closures faulty, read this article and discover 5 good reasons not to wear this garment now considered truly indispensable.

a bra

The first advantage that restrictive, stopping to buy bras , would surely be that of having a wallet fuller and happier. Among brands, beauty and quality, in fact, bras are not just between the pieces of linen cheapest in the world. If you have a small size, do yourself clever and avoid wasting your fortunes!

There are few women who say they find comfortable bra. Most, in fact, is hit by troubles, hardships and pain because of the straps and underwire leaked. These problems, however, can be immediately solved by ceasing to wear a bra and leaving everything “natural”. In this way, in fact, you will be free of coercion and can enjoy maximum comfort, becoming even more sexy.

The non- utility bra has been scientifically proven by a French study, held at Centre hospitalize of Besancon . Here, in fact, the researchers of the medical team came to the conclusion that, while supporting the weight, this garment does not bring any real benefit to the breast, but in fact, prevents the development of the muscles that should naturally serve this function. If you want a firmer breast, therefore, permanently get rid of this fake ally and let nature take its course.

Also according to the study of the French Centre hospitalize of Besançon, the bra would also be the main responsible for the causes of back pain in younger girls. If worn since the early teens, in fact, this garment may prevent the proper development of the muscles of the back and generate therefore of minor ailments but persistent.

The bra, you know, does not fit exactly between the garments more versatile and adaptable of our wardrobe. Although there are special versions, designed specifically for certain types of dress, the hassle of having to put on and check its seal remains and will always remain. Not for this, however, it must give up those fantastic dresses from bare back or end: the best solution, in fact, lies in not wear it at all!