There are, after all rumor, and then to reason wrongly confirmed, Kate Middleton finally give an heir to the English throne and supposedly future. It is now a matter of days, hours, perhaps moments, but the Duchess of Cambridge in all this time, in the nine months of pregnancy has yet been able to give lessons in style and sporting a new haircut.

The royal baby did well at the body of the thread-like Kate , giving it a touch more curvy and feminine. In fact, the real pregnancy put us time to take off in terms of curves. The belly of Kate, in fact, it took him longer than expected to get noticed, ensuring the Duchess look stunning for several months. But let’s see what she wore in the various official releases.

The tummy little boy was wrapped in one of the outputs, a short dress with elbow length sleeves printed entirely in shades of red, blue and white and black base of virtue . Definitely a clean look and easy to wear, very comfortable and in style Middleton. The coat dress seem to be the Duchess’s really a must so why not show off during pregnancy? This yellow you see the signature Emilia Wickstead. And of course, speaking of coat, it can not miss one weblog Alexander McQueen pink, with pearl buttons and hat ton about ton.


Maybe a little ‘intense and strong but I love the look fiery red and black night wore during one of the outputs during pregnancy. The forms are still small but it certainly can not be said that Kate is not beautiful! And finally Kate find a dress in style pregnancy : a creamy white mini dress with polka dots macro blacks and jacket, clutch and heeled court shoes average blacks. In this second set of look, the third seems rather familiar, in fact it is one of the outfits sported a very short time after the ‘ formalization of the biggies.

There is nothing to do in this case the pink and peach fabulously give to the future mommy Kate Middleton. On this occasion, the belly was definitely in sight, but we find out who the signature look. The dress is still designed by Emilia Wickstead while the coat is weblog Tara Jarmon. Kate And here again with a coat check in shades of blue and gray and finally a new look Emilia Wickstead a lovely colored sugar paper, which reveals the delicious forms of Kate.Che do you think of her look, you can find regal as ever?