The tailoring is one of the best arts that fall within the best creativity of DIY. This includes not only the clothes but also the realization of a work of repairing tissue, they can apply a button or shorten slacks and skirts. Often, in fact, it can happen that you make hasty purchases, or many women continue practicing diets, and then find themselves with the closet full of clothes that go wide when worn and no longer in use. This guide will explain in a simple way how to tighten the skirt, lying lonely in the closet.

Take first the skirt to shorten and begin to unpick the waist, hips and immediately up to the dock if you need to tighten just life, paying particular attention not to damage the fabric. then iron with a steam iron to eliminate the traces of the old seams, and folds. With white chalk to draw the cloth now a new line of work. previous every work of tailoring is essential to take measurements of the waist of the owner of the skirt in question and observe, then, what is the difference and what should be reduced.


Look also to draw a continuous line at the junction of the old and the new belt, to avoid puffs on the hips, the skirt could do once worn. Attach, as a result, with the pins, baste and sew the whole. Reduce as far as possible by employing scissors seamstress sewing the edges parallel to the new line made ​.

iron again on the wrong side of the skirt and open good margins. Reduce the waist of the skirt of the same size, obviously on the side of the button. With the help of pins, fold the seam allowance of the side not yet sewn ultramontane to others, then baste and sew by machine or by hand according to their means.

While it is always possible to squeeze a skirt, continue extending it is a bit ‘more complicated since there is no need for fabric within which to work. In the case where the skirt should be enlarged on the sides should, in fact, open the side seams. Also if the skirt is too tight on the sides you need to undo all the vertical seams and expand, providing there is a minimum of fabric on the inside, all the same ways.