A marriage that are adhered to tradition, it should be registered to the municipality and crowned in the church. If we were invited at least once, we noticed that the entrance of the bride to the church is the first of the most exciting moments in your wedding day, then follows the moment when you say the fateful “yes” and finally the inclusion of faiths. there are different types of procession, which vary depending on the tradition you want to follow, and the Anglo-Saxon procession, the solemn procession classic and the pair entered into with regard to the entry into the church, the procession out of the classical and the procession out informal with regard to the end of the parade. This simple guide will discover together, step by step, how to organize our wedding procession, complete with rules for bridesmaids and pageboys!


In the first type of procession, which is the most widespread, the groom before the bride arrives and makes his entrance into the church accompanied by her mother, both of which serve at the altar the bride, who makes his entrance on the arm of her father, preceded by the followed by the bridesmaids and pageboys. In the second type, the bride and her father come first, followed, in order, by a pageboy and bridesmaid, the groom with his mother, the mother of the bride with the groom’s father and the witnesses. the last type, the groom waits for the bride at the church door, and offers her the bouquet together, alone, are advancing towards the altar where the priest and witnesses await. In some cases it may be the priest to the door and wait for the couple to accompany them to the altar.

With regard to the exit from the church, for the procession out classic, the bride and groom come out first, followed by pageboys and bridesmaids, the father of the bride with the groom’s mother, the father of the groom with the bride’s mother and Finally, by the witnesses. All other guests will already be gathered neatly outside the ritual throwing of rice and congratulations. For the procession out informal, open the parade out the parents of the bride and groom followed by relatives and friends. Once the formalities and the witnesses will come shortly after the bride and groom, her right and left him to be overwhelmed by a rain of laughter and happiness, kisses and hugs, from emotion and smiles.

For the bridesmaids and pageboys, usually two or more, there are clear tasks: the pageboy faiths, bridesmaids flowers. In most cases, the pageboy wears rings accompanied by a maid who scatters petals or carrying a bouquet similar to that of the bride. To exit the pattern is the same, with pageboys and bridesmaids before the wedding couple. these are children, we try to assure maximum comfort: a dress for the bridesmaids comfortable as possible that is in tune with what of the bride, for the English pageboy pants with straps or long pants along with a white shirt and comfortable shoes! remember that the tradition is wonderful, but give a touch of ourselves is even better!.