In the summer, even though it seems, is coming and the shops begin to erupt, slowly, the new collection of swimwear 2012. One of these is made ​​by the brand Costco, swimwear and fashion colors to better face the next hot season. Costco has made ​​for the summer of 2012 a series of bikinis and swimsuits. The feature, of course, most important collection of bikinis is that these are combined with each other so each can choose his size and can comfortably make all the combinations this year applies strong trend color block so you create each mix color you prefer but always try The same also applies to the imaginative prints , you can easily combine a solid piece and a fanciful or get involved totally mix of trendy pattern.

There are many, as you can imagine, the pieces of the bikini of the new swimwear collection from Costco for summer 2012. Solid colors aside, Costco offers models with bundles colored studs and applied that go particularly to enhance the bikini. Are studs round and smooth so for anything too strong and rock, in fact, are the same as for the curls on her breasts. It is precisely the bands, as you could understand what was written, the highlight of bikinis offered by Costco for next summer. And the fantasies ? Some of these out there, starting with those in multicolor stripes that characterize many pieces in this new collection. Among the fanciful prints of course you can not miss even a floral pattern . And flower power is! Are you looking for something more fashionable and charming? For you there are the costumes in lurex, bright and sensual, they are perfect especially for cocktail party before a beautiful sunset on the beach ;).


There are of course the swimsuits , do not worry! And, to tell the truth, the swimsuits made ​​from Costco are really cute. Absolutely different from those too “baggy” of the past, swimsuits Costco have precious details and glamor , are characterized by imaginative prints, just like the bikini, are proposed in the magnificent version of one shoulder, so fashionable this season, and cross around his neck. beachwear collection 2012 Costco is also complemented by various accessories such as handbags and hats diva of straw and caftans precious. Finally, I will not leave out a very important detail: the price . The swimsuits Costco are very cheap and these days especially, is an added bonus! Each piece does not cost a lot, often much less than 10 euro, so it will be easy to buy with just under 20 euro a complete fully realized by you! Not bad, this collection of swimwear Costco, do you not?