The dress Princess, was created in the 50s, but even today keeps coming back in fashion thanks to its timeless elegance. The shape of this habit, moreover, perfectly adapts to the physical of each type of woman. It is also a leader very practical and at the same time refined. This guide will show you what are the steps to follow when choosing and wearing a dress princess according to your physical and occasion where you want to show it off.


The body of women is not the same as another, so every woman can still bring your own dress Princess, you follow a few simple guidelines. Start from your physique, you have the bacon or wider hips? On that basis, choose a dress that does not adhere excessively to your shape, it will not go valorizzarvi embarrassment. The dress, princess will dress your figure with soft, accompanying the whole line of the body, and possibly avoiding to show your physical flaws. If you have a slim waist, prefer the one in the trunk smooth, molded both front and rear. In addition to giving a further touch of originality you can bet on buttons in matching color to match the dress. Each dress will have the princess skirt flared, if you are small or minute, you can opt for slightly shorten the length of the skirt that will give effect, however, a retro but without showing so small. Obviously, in this case, the high heels are a must to bring out the best both you and the dress.

For the shoulders opt for models that follow the natural line of the back. Typically, the Princess model has sleeves, tube dress ending just below the elbow. Again, depending on the season or your physique, you can choose models sleeveless or 3/4 sleeves. But remember that every choice you make will have to be comfortable to carry and in tune with your body. The length of the sleeves will also vary depending on what you wish to do, if you plan to wear your gown princess to an important occasion, and you have the sleeves brecciated, remember to match your dress also covers the shoulders of a lightweight cotton and slightly embroidered in the same tone of the dress.

Wear the Princess for afternoon tea in the company of your friends. You can pair it with a necklace of transparent stones or crystal or the classic string of pearls. Or, if you want to follow the letter of the retro fashion, using a beautiful eye-catching brooch, which will revive not only the colors of your dress princess but also will give light to your face. Depending on the season, you can also use a coat, matching the color of the dress, or a coat during the winter season in the same style, but black in color.