I’m actually only just become a vegetarian. Just an idea. But after a while I started to think about it. I do research and now know much more about the conditions in which animals live in the meat industry, what impact this industry has on the environment and how much damage we inflict on our planet.

Our new cover model Maya Murofushi . Maya is model, actress and spokeswoman for the environment and animal rights. Maya is Japanese, but keeps a cosmopolitan lifestyle. She travels a lot. To Europe where she lived for a few years and to America where she wants to go live soon. Based on the pictures we had seen of Maya, we had a picture of a very sweet and nice girl. Maybe even a little shy. Now, sweet and just is Maya perhaps, but in real life she is totally different than we had thought. She poured a flood of words over us, is lively, is non-stop and has an amazing sense of humor. Clad in a tight black dress, with long black hair loose, she’s a striking appearance. Shy? On the contrary! We photographed Maya on a cloudy and rainy October day in Tokyo and taught her during the day even better. She told us a lot about her ideas and her future plans. Read the interview to learn more about this energetic woman to know but do not forget to view photos.

Since when do models work and how did you start?

Ans: Half years I’ve been working as a professional model. My first assignment was in Sena, Italy where I lived. I was on the street discovered by a photographer who asked me to pose for an advertising campaign. Until that time I had really wanted to be a singer but the modeling work has changed my life. Photography is so interesting because the result of an artistic collaboration.


What are your future plans?

Ans: I concentrate on the moment more on the acting. And my ambition? Oscar-winning course: But I give a lot of seminars for environmental and animal rights. I will always want to keep doing.

Three words that describe you are

Ans: Crazy, Expressive, universal

What is your best feature?

Ans: Curiosity

And so even a bad habit?

Ans: I can not organize my calendar

What are your hobbies?

Ans: I read a lot. And I love dancing. I do classical and jazz ballet, but also learn the traditional Japanese dance. I think if I do not model / actress would be, I would be a ballet dancer. And I do further to Japanese swordsmanship. And I love to sing and play the piano. My parents are both classical musicians.

What attracts you in a man?

Ans: Integrity, a respectful attitude and intelligence.

What do you like most about your body?

Ans: I think my legs:

Flat shoes or high heels?

Ans: Actually both. I always have an alternative in my bag. Because many parties and other formal occasions attend, I always have high heels with me, but if possible I introduce flat to myself too much to tire .