Are you wondered for the hip hop dressing style in casual occasion?

In dressing as hip hop style there are many styles you can try. For hip hop dress, they are identically completely with accessories such as hats, sunglasses and jewelry. And typically wear plain white shirt or tank top.

It is easy ways to wear hip hop dress in casual occasion. We will help you to find the answer. Check below this for more information about hip hop dress includes how to dress for hip hop that is suit for you.

hip hop dressing style for girls

Hip hop dress for girls in casual occasions

1.) To get more inspiration for hip hop dressing you can look up to your favorite artist such as queen latifah, Nicky minaj and many more.

2.) There are many clothes that you can wear to look casual. This is several styles you can try for hip hop dress

  • Wear bright color clothes better and adding your favorite hats.
  • Wear clothes which is have logos such as sneaker for an everyday street look. Big logos will be better for your hip hop dress.
  • If you want to look cooler. You can wear athletic jersey to look cooler and combination with your accessories to complete your style.
  • Wear baggy jeans, big polo, trainers and tight singlet with trucker caps like men to support your appearance. This is the man’s style that you can wear to hip hop dressing. Use plain white color is the favorite color.
  • You can wear low waist skirt and jeans to give touch of feminism look. Make sure you will look sexy with your hip hop costume.

3.) For bottom outfit, you can wear dark washed jeans tight around the flared and hips. A length short jean is so popular for hip hop dress. If you have cargo skirt, it is a good idea. You can wear cargo skirt and combination with top outfit as we implies above.

4.) Wear feminism shoes. You can wear sandal, sneaker or high heels. Choose the right one that is suitable with your personality. From this footwear above are dominant footwear styles.

5.) Adds some accessories to complete your outfit such as gold chains, rings, hoop earnings, plentiful bracelets and glittery platinum. Choose the right accessories that are suitable for you.
Get the hair. Actually there is no real hip hop hairstyle, but to get more references about hip hop hairstyle you can look real hip hop girl such as lil mama’s hair or Nicky minaj. Straightening, coloring and crimping all things you can do.

6.) Apply makeup. Apply Barbie pink lipstick or dramatic red is good for you. Apply bright eye shadow with your makeup and use fake eyelashes. In hip hop style you no need too much makeup. Apply minimum makeup such as eye shadow as accentuate.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your style to be hip hop girls with tips we implies above. You do not ever worry, because this style is suitable for casual occasion.