With the arrival of winter, to keep in shape and go to the gym for physical activity is important to have the most suitable clothing. Some directions and suggestions.

For physical activity in the gym, but also outside, it is very important to have the appropriate clothing and you can wear clothes not only comfortable but also beautiful and quality. This crucial because these leaders should not create you trouble epidermal withstand abrasion and repeated washing. Firstly, to analyze the type of activities you do: for many aerobic classes, I mean the ones where you often use the step, careful not to get too pants long as you prevent the risk of agility make you trip. If you like, go well shorts, suitable if used machines for fast movements such as conveyor belt and step. You can use products made ​​from natural fibers such as cotton that absorbs perspiration, microfiber also goes very well defined technical or tissue, prepared to absorb and release the sweat, without hold on the skin.


To the spinning instead are better tight pants, both short and long constitutionalism both those with the padding to the horse which absorb the friction with the saddle. In this case the fabric is indispensably technician. Attention, these shorts should be worn without underwear. For the bust you can indulge : T-shirts with long sleeves if you are chilly, better still a short sleeve, more comfortable. If you’re a little vain, you can get something more fitting, always go well the shirts of cotton or tissue ‘technician’ who do not hold their breath and sweat, or even tank tops and sleeveless more or less more or less short; for the latter I mean us girls. As always for girls is not necessary if you have small breasts, and essential if you have a breast importantly, a bra ‘sports’ that contains the best and controls the movements of the breast that is called for in significantly during exercise (think of when you run).

If running is your sport or you like courses where there are “bouncing” a lot, you should check that shoes until amortized properly (ask those to be running) which absorb the shock of the support of the foot to the ground while running or jumping. should not forget the socks cotton necessarily because the foot to prevent irritation and sweating must be absorbed and then did transpire thanks to the shoe. now you can pick: there are thousands of colors, designs written for t-shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, pants and even shoes and socks. Do you think that saving often does not lead to benefit, maybe even do damage as well in this context. now you can go to work out!