The famous fashion label designed for the woman, Patrizia Pepe, all Made in Italy, continues to set a trend. It is enough to look at the Spring / Summer 2013 in some way to intercept what will be the next must-have summer. Clothing and accessories, Patrizia Pepe is inspired by the color for a woman hyper-feminine, fun, never predictable and always chameleon.

Despite the studs have dominated the autumn of 2012 and seem to continue for the winter, if you take a careful look at the shots of the parade of the Spring / Summer 2013 Patrizia Pepe, you will see that the studs persist, and do not decrease at all. Continue inspiration rock & strong for the Spring / Summer 2013, not only made ​​of studs but also iconic jacket nail that can be found in numerous variations, reinterpreted in leather, in white, frilly, green consumed an urban mood. Along with the studs, even the skulls that are found on sneakers, bags and t-shirts.

A collection where the skirts and dresses are certainly the most popular, along with brightly-colored jackets, alternating at the same time dull and subdued. Among the recurring colors in the pieces Patrizia Pepe, coral, cyclamen and salmon, we can say that the shades of pink are the true protagonists of the collection, there is a whole range of dedicated leaders who strongly dominates over the rest of the Spring / Summer 2013 the brand.


In addition to clothing, the accessories: the necklines are tinged with color totally metal that if imagined with tanned skin really are a beautiful sight, prints and patterns for the bags instead both large and small, but unique colors in bright colors such as red and more sober such as beige. There are even the jeweled sandals, already the trend this summer 2012, but also resist them (along with studs) for the summer 2013. A brilliant collection where the color pink in all its wonderful variations predominates and surprises us.