Today we want to introduce the fashion trends for the coming winter, or more colors that will be in the fall / winter 2011 collection especially popular.


Specific trend color will be this winter, Petrol, which replaces the current summer trend color turquoise. The dark mix of green and blue can be very well used in a black / white mix as an accent, or it can be placed completely on a color. top designers like Louis Vuitton have presented impressive dress at the last fashion-week. Most people find Petrol nice, but the color is far from everyone.


Red is produced and not just for attention, but also emphasizes the femininity. All the better that these red autumn / Winter enriched the collections of designers. How Petrol Strong reds serve as accents or matte rust red and Bordeaux in a complete look. Especially as clothes color very interesting.


Besides Red Violet accompanied also femininity. This autumn / winter, just not as red in strong tones, but rather the opposite. Fashionable dark, adult purples are provided a degree of extravagance. Especially when combined with the violet hue Black comes across very impressive.



The summer trend color this year for the winter trend. The summer will return to winter-weary, the cold season is illuminated by the fresh lemon yellow. The Yellow enriches the some bad weather and related winter blues and conjure us a smile. If that flashy yellow but something is too much, like access to a darker yellow mustard, which is this year announced as much.

Black & White

With a black and white look, you can basically never do anything wrong, so even in the autumn / winter collection this year. As a combination of colors or as a complete look. Everything goes. Also contrast look of black and white in the fashion-weeks was plenty to see. Particularly striking is the new collection by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

In summary it can be said that the Fall & Winter 2011 will be a brave splash of color in a snowy white landscape. Especially in combination with the black and white look and the dark purple is possible to create such interesting looks.