Athletes like Rafael Nadal, David Beckham, Serena and Venus Williams, designers like Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga have signed up to the partnership.

Fashion, sportswear and sports not appear to be associated naturally, but over time, have found a way to ally and now seem inseparable. In general, fashion has been refined in the world of sports wear, traditionally concentrated in the tissues of advanced technology to achieve better performance, regardless of the details of style. Increasingly, designers are being seduced by major sportswear brands like Adidas, Puma and Reebok to work as a team and it’s not hard to see why. Signing a contract with these brands is very lucrative, while allows designers to raise their profile and reach new audiences.

Haute couture sportswear

The first designer to sign a contract in this category was the Japanese Yohji Yamamoto , when he produced his collection for Adidas Y-3 in 2000. He was the first to recognize that the greatest impact sportswear has high fashion world. Over the years this statement has become more evident and explains why designers now queuing to get your name on everything sports.


In the course of the years, the role of fashion designers in sport has changed and this simple formula for success has become increasingly complex. Stella McCartney, for example, has excelled with his designs for Adidas, because clothing has a smart cut, the designs are interesting and are still perfectly portable and yielding. Its success has led her to be named the designer of the official uniform of the British team for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, Alexander McQueen when he released his first collaboration with Puma, was a collection of footwear for men and women. McQueen always had a passion for sports shoes, and it showed in the elegant designs that were cool enough to attract the coach, but also stylish enough to the fashion world. His design legacy continues today taking leaps and bounds between the expected and the unpredictable.

Organic Associations

Many of these partnerships have also been developed in an organic way. Christy Turlington and her passion for yoga, for example, led to design your Nuala range. Similarly, Sonia Rykiel’s daughter, Nathalie, launched her collection “Rykiel Karma” designing for various disciplines such as dance, yoga, pilates and gymnastics. The collection ranges from luxury cashmere trousers to accessories including cushions, yoga mats, weights, swimming goggles and towels.

Sports stars in fashion ad campaigns

And speaking of athletes. Increasingly frequent participation of prominent athletes as advertising models. If it was something to see Rafael Nadal posing for Armani ads from last season, the tennis ace again burn longer appear half dressed in front of the camera, as the poster boy for the autumn / winter 2011. A modeling Nadal preceded him to sign footballers David Beckham, Freddie Ljungberg and Cristiano Ronaldo. But women are not far behind. Among the sports stars who have featured in advertising campaigns for fashion meet Serena Williams, who served as a model for a collection of nail polish brand OPI, which included substantial tone to match the bright green tennis balls. Her sister Venus has dabbled successfully in designing sportswear.