Crystal Renn is a model very controversial. Ex sewing mannequin with a huge success at the age of 18 becoming size model, Crystal Renn has lost weight again. The former American supermodel “plus size” is about her to each of its size changes since we returned (now 24 years old and after his loss kilos) scantily clad on a photo series as sun in Sydney, Australia published in the annual special swimsuit magazine Sports Illustrated. “I went from size 0 to size 42 great in no time! I am now back to a size 34-36 and it’s nice because we are few to be this size! There is a woman in Sports Illustrated, which ensures that the models are in good health! They are not interested in the one that will be thinner, they prefer to look at the people! We all have different bodies, there is not a body type to idealize at all costs! I felt comfortable with my body. It’s been a while since I do yoga. It allowed me to become aware of how my body moves! “Said the model who still keeps his voluptuous.


The course of Crystal Renn has not been easy. When she decided to become a model at the age of 14, Crystal Renn has imposed very restrictive diet (obsessed with her ​​weight and unconditional follower of yo-yo phenomenon) when she was a young teenager in the hope of winning contracts: these lead to eating disorders to anorexia for 3 years, a battle she tells in a book entitled therapy “Hungry”. While his career did not always start, an agent offered him a large model: the beautiful regained weight (1m75 for 76kg and size 42) to concatenate advertising contracts “plus size” for most brands prestigious (Chanel, Jean Paul Gauthier, H & M). Now when Crystal Renn decides to lose weight is through gentle techniques (yoga, sports, lifestyle healthier).