The eyebrows have become a fashion accessory that completes the makeup completely transforming the expressiveness of the face. The walkways have given us many examples of which are the new diktat on and we assure you are anything but minimal. Forget the wild and waxing eyebrows thin, trends have reversed and now they must be natural, very important and defined in art. Hair minimized and a good product, in powder or wax to define them are all that’s needed to get eyebrows in step with the trend of summer 2012 and winter 2013. Find out how to have eyebrows very cool in a few moments.

Bushy eyebrows and natural, this is the new trend

The eyebrows are the trendiest big, expressive and full of personality. I am an accessory to wear to make the protagonist of his make-up . For those who have large and full eyebrows is forbidden wild hair, limit yourself to remove hair coming out of the turn and meritocratic with a powder of the same color to enhance fullness and definition. If you have sparse eyebrows and thin try to let them grow naturally so they will be as thick as possible, then accomplished using special products for designating and defined. To fill in the gaps the best that you use a colored powder or pencil waterproof, and to give more texture you can use a simple transparent gel.


Eyebrows large and natural does not mean neglected, carefully turn should always be clean and well-defined forms arched so much loved by stars like Liz Taylor and Audrey Hepburn are confirmed more popular to have a look intense and seductive. Do not forget to define your eyebrows is important to use a product in the right color, if you have brown hair or blonde looking for a color similar to yours but with a gradient tending to cold ashes, the reddish colors are suitable only for those who have hair of this shade and never in other cases.

Eyebrow jewelry for a special evening

The eyebrows are transformed into a glamorous accessory. Chanel shows us how to turn them into jewelry and make them absolute protagonists of makeup. The parade of the French fashion house is always full of surprises and interesting ideas and winter 2013 fashion show gave us the idea of jeweled eyebrows , unique and undisputed protagonists of a make-up for the rest minimized. The proposed Chanel is not designed for all day, but it is perfect in the case of an invitation to a special evening with a high level of glamor. Replicate eyebrows jewel is nothing complex, first built around the make up, it is best to opt for a look of soap and water like the one on the models, done that and armed with small swarovski stones of various sizes and using the glue for false eyelashes glue them on your eyebrows. By carrying out these semi-precious brows can follow your natural turn or decide to make it more strong designing a new form before proceeding with the work of filling.