With the arrival of warm weather finally able to pull off those light dresses and saucy who stayed too long inside your closet . Temperatures rise, and surely you will have a great desire to sandals and colored garments, to celebrate the days are getting longer and warmer season looming. A color that seems to be going the greater the blue. Certainly a very bright blue eye gives enough, but not for this you have to wear that beautiful dress, closed the closet. Here are some helpful tips for you on how to match a blue dress.

a blue dress

The first accessory that you should combine with a blue dress is the shoes . It is understood that if you have an eccentric personality you just have to be yourself and you can do many different combinations. What is important is that you are always at ease and you feel good. The opinions of others does not count! Generally a blue dress is already very conspicuous, especially if the shade of your dress is particularly fierce, almost on turquoise. In this case, the shoes that best match in this shade are nude color, or white or silver. Even a nice sandal high black is perfect, the important thing is that it is a shoe sober and not too flashy: take away “light” dress.

Another accessory that you have to match your outfit is the blue bag. The bag must necessarily marry the occasion so wear your clothes. You’re going to a ceremony? In this case you can opt for the small pouch to keep the arm or shoulder. For colors can range from white to electric blue, or until golden. These are the best combinations to do. If you wear your blue dress for a very less formal, as an exit with friends or a normal day at work, also a big bag is roomy and will match perfectly.

o match a blue dress must carefully choose the accessories. Earrings, bracelets, something to wear around your neck. There are three alternatives to get a perfect match: the first is to choose traditional jewelery in gold, especially if you have to attend a formal event. The second alternative is to opt for silver jewelry, one of the colors that best fits with the color blue. If the occasion allows it instead, choose earrings large and showy , complementary color to blue like electric blue or fuchsia: are you sure you will not pass unnoticed!