It seems that the rainy season has begun. Now may not like it but, in any case, it should be raised the right look. ‘s not so much a matter of being trendy and chic but it is important to follow a proper dress code for not getting sick!

Exactly, here we play a little ‘health . Mica want to cool off, and put freeze standing in pools filled with water and then let a week in bed with a fever? I guess not for this I have a few suggestions for your look for rainy days. This time I want to start from the bottom starting to really talk about shoes. Needless to say, the canvas sneakers are extremely banned, in a moment pugnacious and your feet will be totally watered down. What is needed in these cases is a good pair of rain boots, also known as rubber rain boots. now for a few years are very popular so it will appear to the fisher women your first experience. Where to find them? Almost everywhere, there is no brand that made ​​them and the prices are extremely low (from 15/20 euro to rise). They come in all colors and patterns, the choice is yours. Should you be interested and you are looking for trendy rain boots, I recommend those of Hunter 😉 Take care, however, the rain boots are shod only when the sky turns really bad or raining already, are not shoes for every day!


Since it comes to accessories I want to do a quick hint on bags. Forget about those cotton or canvas and prefer those plastic or waxed fabric. The paint bags are a great solution and compromise because they are waterproof and the rain does not alter their color. Of course, the umbrella is key! Without an umbrella is not going anywhere. Personally, I love the long ones, practically non-compact models, but I understand that for convenience retractable umbrellas are very practical.

A very important piece of clothing on rainy days is the waterproof jacket. particularly fancy the trench made ​​of PVC. Basically clutter cheap, delicious and water slide will happen without damage least. Or you can opt for the most practical solution raincoat hooded jacket, that you can slip into your bag and pull out at the right time 😉

To be avoided : skirts and tights, wool coats at risk of ruin, open shoes such as ballet flats and shoes that are too low as slippers .