Bring it has been a dream of many men repressed for a long time, today the trend has reversed. Women go crazy for a lot of bearded men. Recently, this finding was confirmed by the study conducted by the University of New South Wales in Australia, who confirmed that the man must have to be a seductive old beard of at least ten days. Throughout this guide you will discover a few tricks in order to be more attractive even if you are a bit bearded!

The presence of hair on the face of men is normal. Make it grow is a matter of style, which can transform the look of man. The beard gives one aspect a bit rough that gives character to the face and makes it strong and manly in the eyes of the woman. To avoid the effect of Santa Claus , long and unkempt, which makes the person look dirty and shabby.


Withholding is the sexy short beard, natural and well kept, grew over three days, typical of someone who has not shaved during the weekend. Bring it is not for everyone. Who can afford hairs quite thick, not very suitable for men with hair rather sparse. After examining your hair and the shape of the face, if you grow the beard take care of it by washing it every two days, and regulating it.

Adjust the beard is important because not all hairs grow at the same speed and must be cut with a trimmer, you’ll need to adjust even sideburns. This should be done on average every three days. At the initial stage of growth is advised to travel from your trusted barber, to be given a form that you should try to recreate it at home.

To ensure you will have a picture seductive constantly shorten the hair, give a little trim to sideburns and mustache, cut the hairs that grow on the chin and have a goatee defined and maintained. If you decide to keep your hair more than 4 mm. And you can not make them take positions contrary to nature, it is indicated the use of wax shaving . Use of this brush is perfect when it is stretched a bit ‘too. visit this page for a dependable seller that will give you the magician devon you’re looking for quickly and easily.