The Half Windsor knot, one of the ways to tie a tie, is the perfect compromise between the simple and the Windsor knot. Larger than the first and more slender than the Windsor, the half Windsor knot is particularly suitable for shirts with open neck also known as “Italian”. Because this kind of shirt is worn on occasions not too demanding yet elegant, more often mundane and glamor, the Half Windsor can be worn very easily, even in a confident way. Triangular in shape, it can also be used on shirts in classic collar. Let’s see how to make it in a few steps.

Making the half Windsor knot is not difficult, and once it is learned the method is likely that the tie is knotted often in this way, given the versatility and at the same time that the tie elegance assumes the center of the collar. No coincidence that the half Windsor is one of the world’s best known nodes and among the most used with the classic tie. Despite the name it should be clear from the start that you will not get a lump half the size of the model Windsor, Windsor because the medium is, in due proportion than the node wedding, three-quarters of the latter.


The half Windsor knot is easier to implement and it does so with little thick neckties. It begins by raising the collar of his shirt buttoning up the last button and put the tie around his neck, taking care not to go down too the little leg that , in a man of average height, must be a bit ‘more of the belt. According to the British leg of the tie, which is the widest part, should be on your right, the leg, the area closer, instead left. You cross the leg with the leg: the leg is passed above, then hold blocked the intersection making a ring, and the leg was under the tie and then go outside.

The leg at this point has to go behind the leg, then in front of it, taking the tie in a horizontal manner.
At the completion of this cross the locks, and the leg is passed under the tie slipping the ring. It firmly holds the leg and pulling on the leg, it builds the node. The station must be adjusted to achieve perfect symmetry in the middle of the neck, then lower again to the collar of his shirt. In the middle of the leg is not seen Windsor and leg normally arrives at the belt. This node that is elegant and classy England is easy, the first few times can give some difficulties, especially with those who have the habit of wearing a tie, but it can also help with a video tutorial. After completing all the steps, you just have to look a whole and smiling with his usual grace.