The Carnival period has always been one of the most cheerful during the year, especially for children . In recent years, also thanks to the continuous emergence of parties known as those of Venice, these events have become a time of fun and entertainment for adults too, so they can give vent to their imagination. The dilemma that grips many people undecided is how to dress for a carnival party . In this guide we will analyze together the various aspects to be considered in order to find the right solution.

carnival party

The first consideration is based on the distinction of the type of party, that is, if the guests will be children or adults. In the first case the choices most likely fall on the disguise on cartoon characters or, in the case of very young children, the protagonists of the most famous fairy tales. Unlike many years ago are no longer trendy traditional masks such as Harlequin, now far removed from the culture and knowledge of today’s kids. So let us meet the choices of our children, taking into account the fact that the party will have to relate with their classmates who have definitely opted for costume very similar to theirs. If you permitted, with the children also of confetti and streamers, instead avoiding games and jokes that might be unwelcome or even dangerous.

If you participate at a party for adults, the ability to locate your suitable outfit will increase considerably. To make the right choice is important to consider everything that affects us during the normal life: personality, passions and hobbies, profession, attitudes. To enjoy the best evening is important to feel relaxed and at ease even in the most bizarre dress. For example, an expert in technology and information technology can dress like a nerd, a lover of music from rock star or musical instrument and an assistant hospital will become a sexy nurse. If the party is between adults, in fact, you can even afford to dare a disguise more provocative than usual, but still maintains a certain taste without ever falling into the row. Makeup and accessories payable (from wigs to jewelry), must be suitable to disguise chosen to exalt you in the best way the character that you decided to represent.