Finding a makeup look for winter can be fairly easy. With the colder months approaching a new look to find a face that will compliment your wardrobe is essential. There are many different routes you can go to achieve a winter makeup look. This article will address just one of the ways to do winter makeup.

The eyelids should be smoky brownish in color and the lips a nice plum or maroon shade. This is nothing too dramatic. It is, however, quite a bit heavier of a look than a summertime makeup routine.

Start by using a liquid full coverage foundation and apply it with a medium to large makeup brush. Apply it in short strokes, and move quickly as liquid foundation can dry easily. Pay special attention to the areas that need coverage. Coverage is essential in winter because skin tends to behave worse than it does in the summer. Apply a concealer underneath the eyes to seem more awake and to hide any dark circles. Using the fingers to apply the concealer will save a step of blending because the warmth from the body heat will soften and blend the concealer.

Winter Makeup

Never forget to apply concealer to the inner corners of the eye because that is where most people tend to get darkness. After the concealer, apply a translucent powder over the foundation, concealer, and eyelids to reduce any oiliness that may accrue throughout the day.

After you have formed a base onto your skin, it’s time to fill in the eyebrows. Use a small angled brush to apply brow powder and shape as well as darken the brows. Obviously in the winter months, the skin tends to not be as tan. A natural looking bronzer can then be applied to help fix this problem.

Apply a natural looking blush as well in a lighter shade of pink starting from the apples to the ends of your cheekbones. Now it’s time to move along to the eyes. Apply a gold eye shadow as a base to your eye makeup across the eyelid. Use a darker gold cream eye shadow to apply on top of that to get a fuller gold coverage. Find a medium brown shade, and with a small puffy brush, apply it to the crease of the eyelid using back and forth motions. With the same shade take a smaller brush and apply beneath the lower lashes for added smokiness.

Line the eyes with a shimmery dark gold or brown eye pencil on the top and bottom. Then apply a few coats of your favorite mascara.

To complement the brown in the makeup look, apply a berry or plum colored lipstick to the lips. This really adds to the winter look. This is now the finished make up look. You can tweak any of the steps to fit your liking as there are several ways to achieve a winter makeup look. In general, fuller coverage and darker colors are what goes best on the face in wintertime.