True or eyebrows tattooed eyebrows? That is the question. Also you will ever see her eyebrows always perfect for your friend, or your neighbor parasol, and ask how he may never have even a pellet off-site. Well, it’s probably just eyebrows tattooed, and today we decided to satisfy your curiosity about the subject, to find out if this is or is not the solution that best suits your needs.

Tattooed eyebrows: why?

For what reason so many girls choose to undergo a cosmetic treatment like this? Often girls are not satisfied with their eyebrows (because maybe they just can not give it a nice shape) and even more often the case that, due to waxing and tweezers, we create real holes on the poor eyebrows, holes for As we commit ourselves not fill. And finally, there are of course the most delicate and extreme cases, such as those that concern the people who are actually forced (perhaps due to illness or whatever) to make use of a similar device to recreate the shape of the eyebrows. How to do in such situations? A solution exist: the eyebrow pencil which in the case of small holes and fettuccine may satisfy your needs. But in more advanced cases, you may resort to tattoo semi-permanent or permanent eyebrows.


What you need to know

How do I create now miscegenation eyebrows tattooed? Soon said. First, you have to engage yourself in search of a great beauty center. Remember that the face is our very first business card, and misrepresent with a tattoo “hurt” would be a real shame. So choose with great care and attention to the person to whom to rely, and ask for advice to friends and on the web, at the risk of making mistakes. That said, you have to decide together with your beautician the type of tattoo eyebrows and the color to use, which will be chosen according to hair color and your skin. Then, with a pencil will draw the supercilious arch, which may be more or less thick, on the basis of your features and your tastes. And finally. you disinfect the affected area with a pen and percussion and natural pigments, we will proceed with the creation of the tattoo.

Prices and tips

But what it will cost to undergo a technique of this kind? Usually, the prices of the eyebrow tattoos are around 250/300 euros, and the operation will be repeated after a little over a year (normally touch-ups should be included in the price), when the color begins to lose intensity. In principle, this type of treatment is suitable for all those girls who want to better define his gaze, but there are many beauty addicted which ensure that the natural effect is difficult (impossible) to get.