No matter how good technique when we make-up : if we can not choose makeup products right, our image can come down. Select colors that do not go with our face and beauty products of low quality are the most common mistakes that we women involved when trying to give us a hand cat. If this sound familiar, then read on because we’ll tell you what you must do and avoid to look really beautiful .

Problems makeup shade


The base is one of the products that we choose wrongly, as we rely on different aspects but less in our tone or skin type, which is what more should consider. This problem also lies in the narrow range of hues that some handling marks. Therefore, the recommendation is to try different brands until you find the quality really abase. To recognize that we are using the wrong base makeup or is easily seen in the contrast that makes our skin up face with neck-this should be uniform and not lighter or darker. So even look in the mirror, the infallible test is to see how we go in a flash photo, if you make changes tone is not right then. Avoid greasy stains and the compact very faint, a makeup tip is to try everything on the neck or the back of the hand.



It is another of the most difficult to choose and which can ruin our make up. The main errors are in acquiring a flush too red or a tone that does not go with our skin and, of course, apply too much.Choose a blush according to your skin, usually pink tones go well with white furs and the gold to dark skin. The intense red color, as well as being very flashy and exaggerated are out of fashion .

Problems with product quality


Thick lashes, lumpy falls and may be due to poor technique in its application but also to poor choice of mascara. Do not use any mask that you sell, especially if not know the brand. Also, learn to know your lashes. For example, a very limp lashes will not come in handy as thick mascara will fall further, instead choose one with slight curling effect.


There is something that makes me angrier than a shadow of poor quality because on more than one occasion that happened to me after buying colored shadows divine, is not painted on the skin, so do not acquire shadows without have been fully tested. Also investigates components and brand.


The same problem of shadows usually happens in acquiring lipstick. Usually lipsticks that are very low quality plastics are and although colors look bright and dreamy, not paint anything or end up staining everything in its path. While there are budget brands, not because of poor quality but because just being introduced to the market, there are others that we suspect of the bad experience in implementation and also because of the risk they pose to our skin.