It’s the time of year to think about your style for that special night coming up: New Year’s Eve. Whether you were invited to a party, you’re going out to an event or you plan to stay home and celebrate, you need just the right look to usher in the new year. Focus on your wardrobe, hair and makeup for a complete look.

What to Wear

Some outfit ideas are just perfect for this holiday, and they don’t require you to get too stressed out. For one, throw on your little black dress, and liven it up with gold, silver or glittery jewelry, shoes and bag. You’ll have just the right amount of sparkle.

Or you could go for pops of color that brighten up neutral pieces. For instance, try some bright pants with a toned-down top. Feel free to play with patterns and textures too! While you can use this look for going out, it’s also a great way to make a staying-at-home outfit more exciting.


New Year’s Eve is a prime excuse to try something bold you might not normally wear or have the occasion to wear. For instance, you could wear showy tights or leather shorts, or opt for a female version of a tuxedo or suit. Maybe you even have a funky dress or a provocative jumpsuit you’ve never worn – now’s the time to shine!

Above all, something sparkly always wins for a New Year’s Eve party – just try not to go overboard. Add a top or accessories with sequins or other sparkles, or go for a full sparkly dress that wows. And don’t forget that it doesn’t always have to be your clothing that stands out — you could pair a plain outfit with attention-getting accessories.

Finish Your Look

Your look wouldn’t be complete without doing your hair and makeup to fit the occasion, but you don’t have to go through cosmetology school to come up with the perfect style. Remember what we said before about sparkles? Makeup is another area where you can play with this effect. Try it in your lipstick or eye makeup, and feel free to add some to your nails as well. And if you want them, there are subtle ways to add glitter, such as glitter eyeliner instead of full glitter eyelids.

Beyond sparkles, try New Year’s Eve looks like bright red lips or another bright shade, and trending eyeshadow colors and styles. Also, playing up your eyes is always a good bet for a New Year’s Eve get-together. Go for smoky eyes or bold eyeliner and plenty of mascara.

And don’t forget about your hair! It’s up to you if you want to put it up or keep it down. Whatever you do, make it fancy with festive hairstyles. Try a sideswept bun or a topknot if you want to put it up. If you prefer it down, try voluminous waves or braid just a few pieces into a partial updo. And feel free to make your hair more fun by adding a sparkly headband, sprinkling some glitter in your locks or braiding in a ribbon.

Think about your outfit and accessories, and gauge your makeup and hair to that. If your outfit is really bold, you might want to tone down your makeup. For instance, don’t go overboard on sparkles on your eyes, lips, clothing and accessories. Pick some areas for the look to pop instead. If your outfit is a little toned down, you might want to go bold with your hair and makeup. Also, consider your venue. Make your look subtle at home (unless you’re the one throwing a big bash!) or at dignified events, and feel free to get daring for fun parties.