Christmas is a very important for all time where we gather with our loved ones and friends, decorate our homes, we organize gift exchanges and especially children are most happy and anxious waiting for your gift to ask you on the eve of Christmas Papa Noel (Santa Claus).

At this time of year everyone in the world send Christmas cards to family, friends and the most beloved people in general. Christmas is a very important date for us, where we celebrate the birth of Jesus, takes a lively and send Christmas to those loved ones that you could not see in a while but always you had this card.

The holiday season is a time of celebration of lights and decorations year. Twinkling can make any home look warm and cozy during the Christmas season. Decorate the outside of your home is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together, and reward yourself and your neighbors with a fun, cheerful display. To make your home really stand out in the crowd, make your own decorations for a unique look this holiday season with christmas background.


Christmas truck

Take an old wooden or metal wheelbarrow garden of a thrift store. If you like, you can paint a bright red with green trim, or leave a rustic look, if you prefer.

Christmas Ball Topiary

Put the truck in a prominent place on their property.


Coat the inside of the truck with cuttings of evergreen branches. Let it hang over the sides. Get some poinsettia plants. Put them in decorative vases, jars or wrap with foil and a beautiful bow. Place into a wheelbarrow and a couple around the base. Put some interior decoration of the truck. Use your imagination and see what you can find in thrift stores or in the attic. Some ideas are Christmas figures or plastic dolls, citrus, pineapple, and gift wrapped boxes or stockings stuffed with newspaper and some toys that look to the top.

Get a tomato cage cone shaped garden center. Support backwards so that it rests on a broader basis. Take some floral wire and twist the end around the base to secure. Begin wrapping the wire around the cage. Do not clean the wire and not show up in the finished product. Just use the thread to create a net-like fabric so that the ornaments have something to hold onto. When you are satisfied with the plot, cut the cable and twist the end around the cage to secure.

Get a couple of large packages of flat glass or plastic ornaments Christmas colored balls. Tying a tie long twist to end where the hook goes. Clusters do balls together as a bouquet and twisting the ends of the crimped together.

Take clusters and rotate around the wire tomato cage to secure them. Start at the bottom, which goes all the way around. Enter the cluster tightly together so that the cage cannot be seen through the group. Start your topiary with a Christmas tree.

Collect some empty cans, such as soup cans or vegetables. First of all clean these cans. Fill with water and put in the freezer until solid. Track your Christmas cookie cutters favorite on paper. Use simple shapes such as a star, candy cane and a Christmas tree. Cut out shapes.

Place a towel over your table and throw a can in it. Place a cut in the can and trace around it with a Sharpie marker. Use a hammer and nail to poke holes along the line drawn on quarter-inch apart, all over the state. Drain and dry the can. Now you steps or paths lines with the luminaries. Place a couple of stones, sand, salt or dirt on the bottom of the can to help stabilize it. Place a tea candle inside and light at night.