The 2014 Winter smiles at a historical fantasy and male: it is the time of the return of pinstripes. Discover with us all the more trendy look of the moment.

For a long time fantasy pinstripe was the plot must especially for the working environment. The elegant style of these men was characterized by white lines, that seemed really drawn with the chalk on light jackets and pants usually dark blue, gray or black. Now the fantasy of fashion pinstripe back and relives his second season trend on sweaters, dresses, skirts and accessories for women ! The basic feature is always the same: dark base and thin white lines, very spaced out. There are many brands who have entered into their winter collections of clothing declined in this particular plot strict. Discover them all combinations of loving us.


First of all, we must be able to match something perfectly cast as an oversized shirt cut masculine, just like this that you see in the image below. The girl is wearing a blue pinstripe shirt, white pants turn dark blue with pocket American and a narrow toe ankle boots in black leather effect paint. A simple look, very easy, perfect for the day, to go out with friends and running errands in the city.

The jacket , you know, always makes a difference, and when paired with a casual outfit, just like the previous one, it makes everything much more formal, making it the perfect look for going to work. One of the most beautiful models of this season is the blazer with one button just like the one you see in the picture.

You may not know but there are also pinstriped wool sweaters. In this case, the fantasy is achieved by weaving the strands of wool but in fact the essence of the harshness of the lines is the same. Here, in this picture we show you a look that has as its focus the pullover with round neck and long sleeves all pinstriped denim shirt paired with a clear, three-quarters of blacks pants, sandals with ankle and shoulder bag in black leather.

But there is something more feminine? There is nothing better than a delicious skirt to make a pinstripe look more glamorous and romantic. Here’s an outfit simple, almost trivial, yet trendy. White sweater, skirt asymmetric bilayer, blacks boots and shoulder bag worn on the hand. Basic and simple!

Finally, if you do not want to tangle in special combinations you can always opt for an accessory. Here we show you the it bag of Stella McCartney, The Falabella bag, carried out for the season in the special fancy pinstripe.