If there is one thing that gives the house a sense of clutter and dirt , is seen in the rooms, especially the bedroom, the shoes scattered and dirty. Aside from the unpleasant odors that the shoes give off, is not a sign of cleaning, see the shoes everywhere. There are, however, of foolproof methods to prevent this. Let’s see how and where to store your shoes.

First of all you need to keep on hand only the shoes of the season, so if it’s winter, put the summer ones: you do not need. If you have to be to keep the summer footwear you first have to clean them. When it comes to sneakers or tennis and are washable, preferably proceed to wash in the washing machine with soap delicate. Dried in the sun and when they are completely dry, put in a pair of stockings old but clean and curled up so that they fill the tip. In this way retain the right shape and do not shrink.


If it is leather shoes, clean with the special paint with a brush and distribute it well. Let it dry and put in the form of wood or plastic to not transform themselves. In the case of boots, put inside them, of cardboard to keep them high. If your shoes need to be lubricated, use saddle soap that provides hydration to the skin of your shoe and you preserves without a crease. If you have suede shoes, use the special shoes to clean them in depth. If, instead, paint, spread them with butter (yes just butter!) and then rubbed with a woolen cloth. In this way, in addition to clean, the moisturized for quite a while ‘time. Alternatively, you can also use the above-mentioned saddle soap, but after a few minutes, should be removed.

If there are inside the shoes insoles, it is preferable to take them off and put the new year. With regard to the place of storage, it would be an optimal solution to put your shoes in their boxes, but this is sometimes a solution that can not be taken into account because it takes up too much space. Opt, at this point, for a shoe rack to the mobile that is also suitable for the furnishing of the rest of the house. Normally, the shoe is located in the closet but it happens that, in the absence of it, end up in the bathroom, therefore, must be in tone. A secret: if you will use glass cleaner on a cloth and polish your shoes shine like a mirror!.