Directly from large walkways, Zara inspired to create a collection of high-proof low cost house.

A collection full of contrasts, of novelty, of clothing, but also accessories, perfect, fresh and chic to show off during the hot season. Zara offers us his collection made ​​for the spring 2013 showing many looks that could enter our closet. The great chain of low cost fashion has peeked the new trends, straight from the runways most important, and decided to bring in his store proposing revisions and especially reduction of the list price. First, the brand was inspired by designers who have proposed a contrasting look. It is above all the opposition between black and white to lord it. In this case Zara proposes many rows or look at pictures, of different sizes and types, which fit together and are combined with each other. Same peculiarity is also found on several of the new accessories collection.

A stand out, along with contrasts, will also be prints ethnic style , made ​​of bright fabrics, will be part of our look, to be joined to other pieces of clothing very basic. we can choose between the jackets oversize and skirts straight cut and simple.

Another star of the collection is the tiger , icon collection of Kenzo. From Zara will be offered on different creations, first kits and clothes but also on the shopping bag.


Do not miss the colors in the largest exhibition of fashion Zara. You can start by colored pants , skinny denim from shades of pastel and intense. You can combine it with simplicity and taste to any shirt or blouse . About shirts, also will be part of this season, as long as soft, light and loose, in fact, not at all strict.

I now turn to accessories and concentrate for a moment on shoes. Apart from the usual classical models, such as the neckline and black leather ballet shoes, Zara offers shoes with heels embellished with rhinestones gold or optical prints style Prada, ankle booties and animal wedge sneakers, great success of Isabel Marant.

Delicious and very practical bags new collection. We find the studs on the profiles of many trunks , which include cutting Rockstud bag by Valentino. cute handbag in the skin , of various shapes and sizes, are perfect for day look. For the evening formats are reduced but not too much and are in any case very practical because they have shoulder or wrist.