The desire for a personal touch in jewellery is common. Finding that personal connection in a jeweler is not common. At DMR Canary Wharf, prepare to discover an unexpected dedication to detail combined with integrity.

Why David M Robinson Canary Wharf Is Your Next and Last Jeweller

David M Robinson learned his craft as a teenager in the 1960s. While still learning to become one of the finest jewellers of his time, this young man was already designing jewellery that won the DeBeers Diamonds International Award. He has held onto that quality and that personal focus. DMR Canary Wharf is one of just a handful of showrooms exhibiting his wares.



Though the exclusive showrooms are stocked with Robinson’s products, you can still find an amazing variety of items on display. Among them, you will see both jewellery and timepieces. These include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, Rolex watches and rings.

The rings will stun you with their quality. Featuring silver, gold and white gold materials, the designs of these rings alternate between amazingly ornate and wonderfully simple. Many are graceful enough in their unadorned state to attract your eye and hold its attention. Others are set with the finest cuts of various gem stones, such as topaz, citrines and diamonds.

The watches and other timepieces set out at the DMR Canary Wharf showroom will equally intrigue you. There are few pieces of jewellery that a man can wear with more distinction than a luxury watch. These designer timepieces are much more than tools for telling time. David M Robinson understands this and only offers the highest quality in watches at his showrooms. Among the lines of products in this class are Rolex, Cartier, Longines and Omega.


Since the beginning, it has been David M Robinson’s purpose to maintain a personal touch in all of his work. That number of showrooms remains small to retain that elite status for all of his products. This close connection to his showrooms also allows him to make sure that the services offered are equally refined and valuable. An experienced and capable technician is always available to help you care for your timepiece or choose the perfect engagement ring.

Coming into the showroom can also be the first step in acquiring a unique piece of jewellery crafted just for your sake. Bring in a piece that you already own or ask DMR Canary Wharf to build one from scratch. Soon, you will see the creativity and skill used to produce some of the world’s finest jewellery.

You can find DMR Canary Wharf along the Colonnade, not far from Canada Square Park. This is the location of the only London jeweller that you will ever need.