Who loves fashion and the latest trends in clothing does not renounce to take care of your look even to the sea. Indeed, the warm weather is just ideal for fashion addicts who can not wait to bring out tans amber wearing warm, sensual colors. The arrival of summer dresses is upon us and many will already be planning their holidays. If you are planning to spend your vacation lounging on the golden sands, do not miss the leadership of today and discover what is most suitable to wear to be glamorous even in the sun. You will find some useful tips to put into suitcase righteous leaders and show off in the beach the perfect attire.

It ‘obvious to say, but when it comes to fashion the first head to sea where you think is the right swimsuit. There are many types and models: choose the one best suited to your physique, so as to enhance the strengths and hide flaws. For girls, yes a two piece bikini and a colorful and joyful. If you want to enhance breasts too small, go for triangles with light padding. Hips too pronounced can be camouflaged with briefs to life a little bit higher. To hide a flat belly is not just a better piece swimsuit solid, suitable for ladies over 50. Do not forget to wear a costume jewelry, in case you receive an invitation for a beach party. Even men should pay attention to choosing the right costume. Briefs Boxer Trunks and fluorescent colors will be perfect for those who have a physical nice and harmonic leaders will highlight sculpted muscles tight and well defined. If you want to hide some imperfections, opt for a mid-thigh shorts or the shorts to the knee, more comfortable and suitable for camouflaging the extra pounds.


Of course you can not get to the beach directly in costume. For a look casual and youthful, will not miss a couple of practical shorts , suitable for teenagers and girls with a physical rather slender. You can choose it in the classic denim fabric or variants in cotton or linen. All colors are allowed, especially the pastel shades. Shorts paired with a simple tank top cotton, neutral or matching shorts, or a fancy top perforated and packed crochet. If you prefer the elegance even on the beach, put in suitcase a sarong, very versatile with a few tricks that can be transformed into a comfortable dress in an elegant dress empire style or in a miniskirt saucy. The caftan is also extremely trendy, fresh and light, considered a must for the summer. Men can choose between two solutions: classic t-shirt or shirt, short-sleeved or long. Who wants to show pecs and abs will be able to afford a jersey stretch fabric, while for men who want to be chic on the beach is also recommended long sleeve shirt, to roll up the forearm. E ‘instead recommended the tight tank top, definitely out. f you wear boxers or briefs, of course it will take even Bermuda shorts (best neutral colors: beige, ecru, khaki or sand color, to avoid the fantasies too risky, the so-called Hawaiian prints, unless you’re very casual types).