Have you bought a fantastic electric blue dress and you do not know which shoes match it? No worry, you’re not the only one that happens! We often fall in love with clothes from the strident colors and then we do not know which accessories to wear them. One such case is the perfect dress electric blue, hence the choice of shoes and other accessories will determine the success or failure of your look. In this article one as tell you in detail and shoes combined with an electric blue dress.


The naked or skin color is one of the colors that best combine with an electric blue dress. With a pair of shoes of this color will do that yes your dress stand out even more, and is the only true key to your clothing.


Another good option to go with a electric blue dress are black shoes, because you will get a spectacular result due to the natural color contrast. Do not choose shoes elaborate, but rather something simple, with which you can highlight your legs that you can use on other occasions.


An electric blue dress goes great even with a silver shoe, which will give a touch of sparkle. but at the same time, you’ll want that are not too shiny, or are too complicated, because in this case you will get the opposite effect. The choice of the most sophisticated and sexy, is that of a silver tone pale, grayish.



Although it is widely believed that the golden shoes are not good on an electric blue dress, if you choose carefully may be perfect. That is the same advice lavished shoes silver, if we choose the color gold should be a proper tone, which does not conflict too much, otherwise the result can be disastrous.