Tap, grabbing, brushing. Our hands are hard workers. So that they do not look at, we should intensively. Also small, playful exercises they enjoy and can stay mobile longer. We show you how to maintain your hands nice and keep fit.

Beautiful Hands

Beautiful hands are the hallmark of our body. But the day is the skin of this body part belonging to: rinsing, cleaning, sun in the summer , cold in winter and many times hand washing them straining and leach them. No wonder that the hands are the body part that reveals the true age of a woman! But who cares just as his face, which keeps them appear long young. The key points of the beauty program for the hands are: protect and maintain. Dr. Kristin Kanja, consultant dermatologist and Neutron knows the optimal care for stressed hands: Above all, the highly stressed skin from drying out are protected Ideal olive oil, Shea butter and water-binding ingredients such as urea or glycerol dry, with sensitive skin. regressing, soap-free cleanser cleanse, lotion after each wash, often times a care -treat and extra wear gloves for household chores. In summer look for UV protection to prevent pigmentation and aging.

Beautiful Hands: That feels good for the skin

That feels good! Milk provides protein and fat with a great all-round care : 1/2 liter with a little olive oil and warm slightly bathe hands for 10 minutes in the oil-milk mixture. Then gently apply cream and dry.


Beautiful Hands: The intensive care

Enriched with Shea butter hand lotion, cotton gloves over it pull. Due to the heat the cream works at night especially intense (Visible Effects’ hand cream from Dove, 75 ml of 3 €).

Beautiful Hands: The usually immediately

A nursing -care serum contains substances in concentrated form and brings . even when you rub the moisture boost (expertise Mains’ by Dr. Pierre Ricaud). Ideal to for the extra care before going to bed.

Beautiful Hands: The holding articulated

Only movable hands are really beautiful. Well-trained muscles keep their hands slender and graceful look. Our tip: You walk one griffin ball between the fingers extended?. Of thumb and index finger on, always between the two fingers next turn to the little finger.

Beautiful Hands: This keeps us fit

This exercise is perfect for lunch or a quick break at the desk: Right thumb and forefinger form an ‘O’, remaining fingers up show. Left an ‘L’ shape, then roll passive finger move, first slowly, then faster. This exercise keeps your fingers in shape and trains the movement of the whole hand.

Beautiful Hands: The nursing assistants

Care products for the hands should move quickly and sustainably maintain. This care -helpers provide your hands with everything they need. Nourishes stressed, very dry hands.